SAT 3 JUN 2017, 4–5.30PM

Siobhan Davies Studios

Siobhan Davies Dance host a film screening that chart the changing landscape of Elephant & Castle as part of London Festival of Architechture 2017. After the screening there will also be an in conversation event between artist Marcus Coates and Tanya Murat, chair of Southwark Defend Council Housing. 

Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant & Castle is part documentary, part performance, part archive – exploring the major transitions currently taking place in the south London neighbourhood. The film follows Coates on an unlikely suburban journey as he sets out on a Vision Quest, seeking animal spirits to help gain insight into a possible future for the failing redevelopment scheme. In response to the Council’s formal vision and master plan for Elephant and Castle, Coates involves residents from the now demolished Heygate Estate, council planners and developers to evoke an alternative collective vision of what it could be.

The film is the conclusion of an local residency undertaken by Marcus Coates over a 4 year period (2009 / 2012). At the centre of the film is the improvised live rock-shamanic-ritual collaboration between Coates and Chrome Hoof staged within the legendary Coronet Theatre, one of the oldest buildings in the area. Coates performs an improvised ritual, supported by Chrome Hoof and Wildbirds & Peacedrums, marking the passing of the neighbourhood and to envisage a new strategy for development that does not repeat the mistakes of the last redevelopment in the 60’s.

Elephant and Castle has undergone successive redevelopments since the post war era. Each has been characterised by the imposition of extensive masterplans to solve increasing social housing needs and decreasing social prosperity.

Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant and Castle (2012, 51”12 mins) is a Marcus Coates film, commissioned & produced by Nomad Projects and co-directed by Marcus Coates and Michael Smythe. Cinematography by Annemarie Lean-Vercoe, editing by Ariadna Fatjo-Vilas.

Landscape Learn – Winter Dormancy + -



10:30 till 13:00 – £5 inc. lunch

Landscape Learn, in collaboration with Phytology, invite you to explore the process of redefining a city landscape in the context of changing urban ecologies.

Landscape Learn is a J & L Gibbons social enterprise, a new prototype for learning and engaging with the landscapes around us. Landscape Learn will use the seasonality of nature to structure our approach to adaptive and immersive learning.

Book tickets – here

Bethnal Green Nature Reserve
Middleton Street, London
E2 9RR – View on map


Future Station Liverpool – Plough Monday + -

Future Station – Plough Monday


6:00 PM – 8:30 PM | FREE


Edge Hill Station
Tunnel Road
L7 6ND

Cultivating Behaviours: featuring ‘Phytology‘ & ‘Urban Mind

As urban citizens how do we engage with our physical environment in our daily routines? Do green spaces help people feel connected to public life? How can interactions with green public spaces inspire action on local environmental issues?

Metal Liverpool invite local residents, artists, and organisations to a Future Station event exploring how public green spaces benefit our day-to-day lives and can drive awareness of environmental sustainability.

More info – here

Backyard – Reflections of Home & Belonging + -

‘Backyard – Reflections of Home & Belonging’ is a story collecting project exploring the importance of oral history within London’s Afro-Caribbean community.

Launch Event: 7pm – 9pm, St Katharine’s Precinct, October 20th. 

Resonance FM Broadcast: 8pm – 9pm, 25th October / 9am – 10am, 26th October.

This is a Off The Wall Players & Cultivaters project.

Commissioned and produced by Nomad Projects.

Supported by


Urban Mind – The Future Brain in the Future City + -

The Future Brain in the Future City


Today’s screen technologies create environments that could alter how we process information, take risks, empathise and view our identity. Technology can make us safer, smarter and sustainable, but the long-term impact on the human brain is unknown.

Where: The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP

When: Friday 19 August, 2016

Time: 10:30 to 12:00


Join our panel including Professor Kevin Warwick, expert in Artificial Intelligence, cyborgs and robotics at Coventry University, Gary Walker, Future City Glasgow, Neil Davidson, landscape architect and co-investigator on Urban Mind project, Catharine Ward Thompson, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Director, OPENspace research centre, University of Edinburgh and Alessandro Vinciarelli, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the School of Computing Science and Associate Academic of the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow to discuss how humans will adapt to a tech-laden world in 2050.

More information – here.

So Below – new commission + -

‘So Below’ is an online graphic essay by cartoonist and journalist Sam Wallman.

Exploring the idea of land ownership, Wallman melds the political with the poetic, connecting both historical and contemporary manifestations of territorialism and dominion.


The commission will be launched online on July 8th, 2016.

This is a Nomad Projects commission – supported by The Arts Council England


Steph von Reiswitz – billboard + -

‘Wood Spirits’

Inspired by the myth of Demeter & Persephone, artist Steph von Reiswitz has produced a series of drawings and large-scale paintings during her spring residency at the Phytology site.


Exhibition dates: June 4th – July 6th, 2016

Location: Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Middleton St, E2 7LF


Ourhouse, Ep.-1: Time – U.S.A launch + -

‘Ourhouse, Ep.-1: Time’ is now showing at The Box Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Exhibition dates: February 27th – April 9th, 2016.


Ourhouse is a five part film project written and directed by British artist Nathaniel Mellors.

Ourhouse hybridises aspects of TV drama, absurdist theatre and science fiction, drawing inspiration from popular icons of cinema and theater, while making pointed observations about language, cultural appropriation and power structures.

VOICED – new commission + -

VOICED is a new Nomad Projects commission by artists Duncan Robertson and Lucía Montero.

This project takes the form of a traditional research residency, providing a space for six contemporary writers to explores the cultural heritage of the Phytology site.

Commissioned writers include: Lucy Cash, David Nash, Sarah Westcott, Stick In The Wheel, James Nixon. 

The VOICED residency will culminate as a site based sound installation of song and spoken text. The project will be exhibited at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve from May 7th – September 3rd, 2016.

This is a Nomad Projects commission – supported by The Arts Council England.


Ourhouse, Ep.-1: Time – UK launch + -

Nomad Projects are proud to announce the UK launch of ‘Ourhouse, Ep.-1: Time’ at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston. 

February 6th – June 4th, 2016.

IMG_9469 copy

Ourhouse is a five part film project written and directed by British artist Nathaniel Mellors.

The film’s narrative presents a wealthy European family who are unexpectedly confronted by a mysterious manifestation, ‘The Object’, which suddenly appears in the living room of their country home – having a profound effect on the conduct of each individual family member.

Ourhouse hybridises aspects of TV drama, absurdist theatre and science fiction, drawing inspiration from popular icons of cinema and theater, while making pointed observations about language, cultural appropriation and power structures.

‘Ourhouse, Ep.-1: Time’ is presented by the Contemporary Art Society, 2015, through the Annual Award funded by the Sfumato Foundation with the support of the Mondriaan Foundation, Arts Council England and the National Gallery of Victoria – Australia.

Produced by Nomad Projects.

Urban Mind – This Public Life + -

13 – 16 October 2015

Urban Mind will be featured at the This Public Life festival in Melbourne, Australia.

The festival brings together thinkers and practitioners from the arts and sciences, exploring five broad categories of stability, healthcare, culture & environment, education and infrastructure.


Ourhouse – ‘Time’ (episode -1) + -

July 2015

Nomad Projects have commenced production on ‘Ourhouse, Ep.-1: Time’ – the latest film in the episodic Ourhouse series written and directed by Nathaniel Mellors.



This is a co-production with the Preston’s Harris Museum & Art Gallery.


Vision Quest – screening + -

Saturday 6 June, 2015

Siobhan Davies Dance host an afternoon of film screenings that chart the changing landscape of Elephant & Castle.

Featuring ‘Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant & Castle’ (2012) by Marcus Coates – part documentary, part performance, part art, part archive – the film explores major transitions in the south London neighbourhood; and ‘Home Sweet Home’ (2012) by Enrica Colusso. Centred around the now derelict Heygate Estate, ‘Home Sweet Home’ tells a complex but intimate story of urban and social transformation, and asks: what kind of society are we building?




Screenings will be at the following times:

2.15pm–3.45pm: Home Sweet Home

2.30pm–3.30pm: Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant & Castle

4pm–5.30pm: Home Sweet Home

4.15pm–5.15pm: Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant & Castle

Tal Brosh – private view + -

Saturday 6 June 2015

Over the past four months artist Tal Brosh has produced an illustrated history of the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve in four incarnations: a medieval meadow and market garden, a Victorian church, a war-time bomb site and now an apothecary garden called Phytology.

Private View at Phytology, 5:30pm — 8pm


Urban Mind – UK launch + -


‘Urban Mind’ is Nomad Projects’ most recent commission launched in May 2015.

Urban Mind is an app that measures your experience of city living in the moment. After downloading and installing the app on your smartphone, Urban Mind requires you to provide some basic information about your lifestyle and mental wellbeing. Once you have provided this, you will be asked to answer a series of questions about your current urban environment, lifestyle and mental wellbeing, seven times per day over a period of one week.

Urban Mind F

Check it out & contribute to our research