Urban Mind

Urban Mind is an app that measures your experience of real-time city living. The app is the driver in an interactive project exploring how different aspects of the urban environment affect mental wellbeing. The project overall aims to inform future urban planning and social policy, improving design and health in our cities.

Urban Mind incorporates photographic, statistical and audio data from participants in real-time and real-life environments through a technique known as ‘ecological momentary assessment’.

The app has been newly developed for this pilot study and works on the following phones and platforms: iPhone 5 & 6 (iOS 7.1 & 8.3) / Android 4.4 running on Samsung Galaxy S4.


Our research findings can be found here!


Urban Mind will be relaunched at the Eastern Curve Garden Dalston – 6:30pm till 8:30pm, 20th September 2018. More details coming soon…

Dr. Andrea Mechelli

Andrea is a clinical psychologist and a neuroscientist at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College London.


The focus of his research is how environmental stressors affect brain development to increase vulnerability to mental illness. A core aim of his program is to exploit the clinical potential of this information, using it to inform the development of more effective tools for early detection and treatment.

J & L Gibbons Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

Johanna Gibbons & Neil Davidson are Co-Directors of J & L Gibbons Landscape Architecture & Urban Design, an award-winning practice focused on heritage, green infrastructure and urban regeneration. Their studio is renowned for its collaborative cross-disciplinary practice at a strategic and local level.

IMG_2356The duo are currently leading major and micro projects in London, Cambridge, Oxford and Brighton. They were finalists in the prestigious Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize 2014 for Making Space in Dalston, an innovative project of deliberative planning and delivery with MUF that has been internationally recognised as an exemplar of how the Localism agenda might play out ‘at the coalface’.

Artists & Engineers

Artists & Engineers is a production company offering technology and production services to artists and cultural institutions. They bring together experience from video production, digital media and the arts to help people realise cross-disciplinary projects.

Supported by

King’s College London, J & L Gibbons, Artists & Engineers, Van Alen Institute and Imperial College’s Sustainable Society Network.


Urban Mind