So Below

‘So Below’ is an online graphic essay by cartoonist and journalist Sam Wallman. Exploring the idea of land ownership, Wallman melds the political with the poetic, connecting both historic and contemporary manifestations of territorialism and dominion.

Wallman’s artwork explores the notions of private property, land as commodity, national borders, and the everyday resistance to these social constructs by indigenous people, refugees, the homeless, grassroots communities, animals and plants.


Sam Wallman

Sam Wallman

Wallman’s work has been published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Guardian, Overland, Internazionale and Dude Transzine.

In 2014, he was nominated for a Walkley journalism award, and was the recipient of the Media Human Rights Award for his collaborative piece ‘At Work In Our Detention Centres: A Guard’s Story’.
Recent publications include ‘Brick by Brick: Is This Europe?’, ‘Seed Water’, ‘In Our Wildest Schemes’, and ‘Liverpool Boys’.


IMG_8333Wallman will install a series of large-scale billboard drawings at the Phytology site (East London) throughout 2016. 

This billboard hoarding hosts an evolving and eclectic series of original artworks across the year. The billboard is intentionally incongruous within the overgrown site, aiming to challenge ideas of use, value, resilience and the function of wildness within our urban ecosystem.

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So Below